Saturday, November 6, 2010

if i aint got u~❤

some people live for the fortune,some people live just for the fame
some people live for the power yeah~some people live juz to play the game..
some people think that the physical things define what's within
and i've been there before, that live's a bore, so full of the superficial...
some people want it all but i dont want nth at all
if it aint u baby, if i aint got u baby
some people want diamond rings, some just want everything
but everything means nth if i aint got u~~
some people search for a fountain, that promises forever young
some people three dozen roses, and that's the only way to prove u love them
hand me the world on a silver platter and what good would it be
with no one to share, with no one who truely cares for me
some people want it all but i dont want nth all at all
if it aint u baby if i aint got u baby,
some people want diamond rings, some juz want everything
but everything means nth if i aint got u~yeah~

if i aint got u with me babe
so nth in this whole wide world doesn't mean a thing~
if i aint got u with me baby~

Friday, October 1, 2010


hola everyone, i'm back finally after such a long time! but what am i doing in last 5 month?
oh ya, i went back to msia with ting and bb from may to june and met lots lots of frens^^

we stayed in kl for 2days after landing in msia... then of course call my dear ai she, ah wong and esther come out for a short meet.. that ah wong ah, i tell u guys har, when we chat on fb or msn, he always funny n talkative one, but call him for a meet leh, he acting pula, shy shy pula.. haiz.... din take any photo for memory too~ :( sad...after dinner n say goodbye to 3 frens, me, bb, lawrence and his fren going to their frens house party.. they are really a friendly and fashionable gang... yeng! i asked chloe babe n her cousin to join us as well.. we had a lots of fun..

next day,lawrence bring bb n me back to ipoh to meet their family... gan jiong!!! haha...luckily his family very nice de^^ that night is mother's day so we've asked my dad n mum join us to have our mother's day dinner together in ipoh, that's the first time both of our family meet each other, i was so exciting but nervours too^^
bb's n my family~
after dinner, bb , dad ,mum n i gone back to gurun... when i got home, i felt happy, i felt i'm home!! excited!! miss home so much... mum had clean my room earlier n change a comfortable pink bed case for us so we can sleep tight... thx mommy^^ u r my 100% good mummy^^ there is one more thing touching me- bi and danny still recognise me after 2 and half years.. wuwuwu... so happy n touching^^
my babies~danny n bibi^^
we stayed in gurun for 2 weeks n ipoh as well... the photo below shown we were only makan minum main n clubbing all the time... actually there are more activities such as movie n meeting frens( niyen n her dear,pei,wyei, hq, lin,aishe,owen,hui,wei,ching,ming....)and of course all of my relatives... so many ppl to meet^^very busy... one month is NOT enough la!!!

b's new tatoo^^cousin~
penang day^^
clubbing in ipoh~
nice drink and food around ipoh^^met chloe, her fren n b's frens...
lost world day^^
baby sit day^^
we'd baby sit b's nephew and niece for 2 days n bought them stuffs..hehe^^
sunburn after lost world but still clubbing^^haha... skin really pain!
XXL chicken curry bun^^

really enjoyed all the time...sticked with my man all the time^^(even take bath)~haha.... thx my daddy mummy n bb de family n all my frens^^
she bu de go home... but luckily stay for a month only coz i'd tried most of the nice food in ipoh and my mum's 拿手好菜as well~wakaka.. i become fat fat suddenly^^ haha... but i think it's worth! my next trip to go home is 2012 de cny.. thinking about going home for 2 months this time^^ hope my dream come true~yea~
going bek to ireland:(

after came bek to ireland at 2.6.2010, we rest for few day, shopping..enjoying life... then start our new job le... bb n me are working and living together now... sometimes i feel really hard to stay and work together.. a lots of conflict between us in this 3 months.. i think is my problem.. haiz... but we're learning to communicate with each other.. hehe.. still en ai la... i'm happy coz i have a man like bb who really sayang me n allowed my bad tempered... thx my dearest bb^^ xing fu... haha

huh, i gotta stop at here bcoz i have to type until tomorrow if i wanna tell all the special things that happened to me in last 5 months.. so happening.... haha... will continue as soon as possible when i'm in mood^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sis birthday~

as usual, bb came bek on Sunday nite after work^^
thdehkska fjniso dsjkv os kasfjuoeja
huh?? wat de XX i'm saying? nth la~~hehe

昨天,一大清早就被四面八方正在装修中的房子吵醒了...(that was act 1pm)hehe^^ 梳洗打扮后,就和bi shopping 拍拖...bi本来想买N900但vodafone还没货,他又不想在O2买..真麻烦..我就陪他去中国手机店问问,但都没货...(有那么好卖吗?) 哎,bi看起来好失望哦 *_* 希望下星期就可以买到....到时就不用烦我了..ngek ngek ngek... after that, we hv our brunch in hong kong style old cafe...walao, eat brunch at 4pm...kakaka... met David in capel street... he's working there... then we went to Jervis kia kia^^then go home for a rest n change cloth coz bi sis's birthday.. we'd book a room to celebrate with her in 7 star.. that was 8 of us in the room ordered 8 main dishes,a cake n a box of beers... very tasty n full.....but i was act bored coz i only know bi's sis n bro in law.. all of them are 30++ year old.. cant join their topic, so i keep sing k^^ uncle pan said both me n bi are good singer couple.. wohoo.. siok tiok!! i thought they'll go clubbing after dinner but not!!!! we all went to sis's house continue sing k n drink wine after dinner ==" 我还特地穿着clubbing look去吃饭!夸张到....haha....nvm, happi go lucki^^

jie n jie fu^^ so sweet^^

this morning, bi went beck to athy ady. wuhuuuuu :'( i'm going to miss u... act miss u ady!! he rang he after got home n tell me his sis like our present for her (swarovski necklace)... that's good... AND she got sth for me.. yay! somebody give her make up palette n chanel perfume, mayb she doesnt like or dont need them.. so she decided to give it to me coz she know i like perfume n make up^^ wakakaka~~ so siok.. we was also discussing about our 2nd anniversary honeymoon on next month... where should we go leh??? thailand? or pulau??

tomorrow, will meet my fella n babe chloe then attend girl's salon grand opening... congratzz girl n machi.... but sad for david coz he's going to hv an extra part time job^^ wahahaha~~

i think that's for today~~ will continue soon~~

Friday, April 2, 2010

lazzie girL

i'm so lazy man!!!!
lazy to go to college, skip all the class since last month!! the excuse is too TIRED!!
(but the fact is i'm juz lazy to wake up early)^^

lazy to clean my room, i keep saying i'll definately clean it on my offday... but i know i wont hv time to do this cleaning stuffz on my offday coz i'll stick with bi whole day go pat to^^
(how much time left for those silly cleaning stuff??)haha

lazy to update my blog... damn many thing for me to write down here but i'm JUZ lazzieeee..
(nth really)^^

lazy to work, but this one diffrent^^ cant quit from this job COZ i cant live without money=="
but, i never feel lazy to travel, play, clubbing, shopping, make up, sing k, kepo, online...

WHY?????? hahahahaha^^ who knows?? GOD know!!

hanging out in starbucks

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a beautiful day off^^

i love monday.....
coz that's my day off, no class n no work~~
as usual, b came bek on sunday night n prepare our supper n wait for me...........hehe
monday morning, as usual i woke up at 1pm then started put make up n stuff, wear sui sui.. after that ask b wake up.. once both of us ready, b drove me to tesco n oriental market to buy veg n meat coz we were going to his sis's house cook our dinner together.. do not hesitate, i din mention our breakfast n lunch coz we hv no time to eat^^ that was 5pm after buying stuffs.. haha..then we went to d3 to buy some 'most tasty' cheesecake of the world..hee.. really tasty^^ we juz bought some mochi from oriental market to eat on the way to d3^^finally, i had bailey's cheesecake n b had cyprus cheesecake with chocolate base.. nice~~

em, once we got to b sis's house, we started to cook.. bcoz i was too busy to prepare all the stuff so forgot to take photo..wuwu~~we cooked pan fried marinated chicken, wok fried bak choy, chicken tight with japanese toufu in oyster sauce n bb sis had cook ginseng chicken soup earlier.. yummy~~ so full after finished everything..

after meal, we were thinking about having few drinks in Q bar.. so sis n b's brother in law starting to get prepared n wear sui sui go gai gai^^huhu, only 3.50euro per drink every monday in Q bar, i wasnt know that before^^ but b cant hv any alcohol drink coz he was the driver, wahahaha.. pity him only can hv non-alcohol beer~~ me n sis hv pint of fat frog each at 1st then both of us hv 2 cocktail called 'chocolate chimp' n bb sis started dance on the dance floor^^she is a pretty good dancer oh^.~once i finshed both of my drinks, i started feel drunk n wanted to dance again!! but i cant even stand properly.. haha.. b n sis accompany me dance la.. nearly fell down coz i was wearing a 5 inch high heel@@ luckily bb got me^^:) after that bb's sis had another stronger cocktail, bro in law keep having his favourite-carlsberg, i had smillnoff ice ...while my pity babe had his 5th non-alcohol beer^^
'chocolate chimp'

pity bb^^

sis n bro in law
so sweet^^
knock knock, that was 1am when we leave Q bar.. hohoho.. but i wasnt totally drunk la, juz non-stop shaking my head coz feel 'wink'.. b said i'm not steady at all after drunk, cheh, i din do any shameless thing... shaking head wasnt my fault coz i cant control myself!! right?? hehe.. however, i'll try not to shake my head next time.. haha!! shake somewhere else instead~~btw, b said he wont drives again if we want to go clubbing next time.. haha..
i'm looking forward to clubbing 2 weeks later with machi, phoebe, my cousin n chloe^^

Friday, February 26, 2010


time flies, i'm so lazy to upgrate my blog..^^ last night when i was reading my fren ah wong's blog, he said that his blog nearly cant see sunlight ady~~ then i think if ur blog is dull then wat happened to mine? terus no light la!!! so since that moment, i decided to put some hardwork on my blog.. will write once a week now hehe(i wish i could do that)^^ ganbatte

haiz, but time pass like a blink of eyes, i hv been in ireland for more than 2 years ady..that mean i din meet my frens n family for 2 years ady:(miss my frens n family n my xin gan bao bei-danny(puppy) so much!!but guess wat?? I'M GOING HOME SOON IN 2MONTHS!! wahahaha^^ so exited.. now my mine cant stop thinking about wat should i do eat once i got home!! wow@@

btw, i'm so good with a fren recently that i knew long time ago but never talk face to face b4.. we bcame best fren ady since one day.. he always accompany me when i feel bored while working, i'm so lucky to hv a fren like this.. but one thing he always makes me worry-he always don sleep until morning.. i guess he only sleep 3-5 hours per day~~huh, fren ah fren, sleep more la.. n always eat on time ah, if not jiu gastrik again le!! muz guai guai lar^^if no appetite come find me, i'll cook ho ciak de for u^^

this photo draw by ah wong^^ so cute@@

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



- 共存(Codependent)
- 反依赖(Counterdependent)
- 独立(Independent)
- 共生(Interdependent)